Floor Sawcutting:

  • Depth: Up to 20" thick material
  • Power: Electric and Diesel with scrubber
  • Material: Asphalt, cured concrete and pre-cast
  • Applications: Roadways, bridge decks, M.E.P. trenching, suspended slabs

    Wall Sawcutting:

  • Depth: Up to 21" deep from one side
  • Power: Hydraulic
  • Material: Poured concrete, tilt-up panels, stone, reinforced concrete pipe
  • Applications: Door and window openings, roof penetrations, bridge parapets, track mounted for precision cuts

    Core Drilling:

  • Diameter: 1" to 30"
  • Depth: 10' plus
  • Power: Electric and Hydraulic
  • Material: Slabs, walls, pre-cast concrete, stone and brick pavers
  • Applications: Piping, conduit, manhole tie-ins, anchoring systems, water treatment facilities

    Selective Demolition:

  • Rigging and removal of cut concrete or asphalt to approved dump sites

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